Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search) 

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Music video by Little Mix performing Sweet Melody (Live from Little Mix The Search). (C) 2020 Under Exclusive Licence to RCA, a division of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited










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Iyanu Oriakhi
Angeles Loaiza
Alguien que able español 🥴 ã o portugués ñâo Kieles Ser mi amiko
Just Meh
Just Meh 4 napja
2:55 nailed it perry 💯
oibro piccup4
oibro piccup4 5 napja
Jesy ily ♥
Leafy🍏 7 napja
i just want to say her cerves be like
Varun Ravi
Varun Ravi 7 napja
Miss you so much Jesy!😭 Also, where’s Jade?
Zahraa Salah
Zahraa Salah 12 órája
She was has corona
Cef Bueno
Cef Bueno 9 napja
Jesy has a different energy
rawan 10 napja
1:52 why no one is talking about Leigh leading the chorus? 😍
Michael Marte
Michael Marte 14 napja
Jesyyy te extraño. Vuelve por favor
Hello Bye
Hello Bye 14 napja
sadly my dreams of watching them 4 together live will never come true :(( still heartbroken ...
Marianna Daliardos
was jade not there
sahba taghizadeh
i miss to jesy 😭
Amruta 19 napja
Love(Sweet Love) music video is out now🎉 Goal: 3M Day 1 C'mon mixers $tream more #LittleMix
_lore.vjds_ 23 napja
2:55 God: Perrie, how perfect do you want your voice? Perrie: Yes
PreciousAngel Tshireletso
Jesy I miss you
Molly 26 napja
Where is Jade
Molly 25 napja
@Skittles Is a mixer i just subbed to u
Molly 25 napja
Launching Soon.
Launching Soon. 27 napja
Jesy couldnt even look at them!
Starrkktta Reign
Trees ydolem propel
Nancy the queen
Nancy the queen Hónapja
I think Leigh was barely pregnant
K-Nation Hónapja
2:27 not the backup dancer on the right hitting his head on the mirror door HAHAHA
SupernovaLeon Hónapja
Where was Jade?
Vocalising Hónapja
I think they should’ve given Jade’s high note to Leigh, Perrie needs to rest her voice.
Sierra Star
Sierra Star 20 napja
Perries voice has been well rested and she hit that note perfectly.
S F Hónapja
But leigh had a verse before Jade's hignote so she wouldn't of been able to do it. But oerrie did amazingly well. Plus they had whole of lockdown to rest their voices so how much more did they needed
Neil Smith
Neil Smith Hónapja
Your head is the Head like me lol 😆🤣🤪
Mehjabin Easha
Mehjabin Easha Hónapja
In all this year's literally like nobody saw Jesy's hard work but suddenly when she decided to left Little Mix they say that they will miss her
Jumpy Georgiana
Jumpy Georgiana Hónapja
Three beautiful girls on stage ❤️
wheree. is. jade
Lily Hónapja
she had to self isolate then
panagiota sidiropoulou
Also why there are only the three of them?
Lily Hónapja
jade had to self isolate
spiwe sihlangu
spiwe sihlangu Hónapja
where was jade
lisa official
lisa official Hónapja
Where is jade
Noee Hónapja
Aaaaah jesy🥺🥺😭😍😍💖💖
Michael Daeniel Filamor
I miss you so much Jesy
Oneisha Diogene
Oneisha Diogene 2 hónapja
Where Jade
Emily 2 hónapja
Jesy is a queen we miss her :(
rachelreneer56 2 hónapja
Why isn't Jade in this one?
pan.nanana 2 hónapja
No one: Daichi's death on Haikyuu: 2:42
Isabella Humphreys
Isabella Humphreys 2 hónapja
Where’s Jade
kz twitter
kz twitter 2 hónapja
the fact they gave jade’s “he was in the band, wrote off songs about me” line to perrie and it STILL matches her... ugh their minds
S F Hónapja
It's "wrote love sings about me" not "wrote off songs"
LITTLE MIX BTS 2 hónapja
So proud of them for performing
huldymo Matheus
huldymo Matheus 2 hónapja
Jesy Nelson 😍😍😍❤️
Karen Caballero
Karen Caballero 2 hónapja
que bien se siente escuchar la parte de jesy porque es LA UNICA QUE TENEMOS :(
Hayley Marshall
Hayley Marshall 2 hónapja
This was the last time Jesy performed with the girls......i will miss her
Julie Cashman
Julie Cashman 2 hónapja
i aspire to be like jessy she has such a strong type personality
Dawn Hilton
Dawn Hilton 2 hónapja
Bullying about her weight..so sad.. beautiful girl..it's pretty blooming sad
אוריה כהן
אוריה כהן 2 hónapja
השיר הכי יפה ששמעתי לא הכי יפה שלנו אבל ממש יפה אהבתי מאוד מאוד מאוד
Jovita Mucosa
Jovita Mucosa 2 hónapja
Boa y
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 2 hónapja
Miss jesy xxxx
Valeria Riquelme
Valeria Riquelme 2 hónapja
Porque Jade no estaba en esta presentación?
Emilia Buono
Emilia Buono 2 hónapja
Aislamiento por posible covid positivo. Eso habían dicho.
Jéssica Vitória
Jéssica Vitória 2 hónapja
E pensar q a gente nunca vai ver uma apresentação delas 4 juntas com essa música.... aí a dor
Wole pyro
Wole pyro 3 hónapja
Wait they never had jade in this one where was she? And Jesy actually was performing this live?? Where have I been????
S F 2 hónapja
She was quarantined because she was in contact with someone who had covid and his performance is during little mix the search
Tom Palacuos
Tom Palacuos 3 hónapja
I miss jesy really bad
May Burk
May Burk 3 hónapja
Ms Trabajales
Ms Trabajales 3 hónapja
Mamamoo x Little mix pls?
Asia kibodia
Asia kibodia 3 hónapja
Where's jade
Bhoy Alcazar
Bhoy Alcazar 3 hónapja
They never had a ot4 performance of sweet melody
Ruti Foureira
Ruti Foureira 3 hónapja
Jesy stage's presence is magical, Leigh-Anne is the base of the harmony and keeps everything under control and Perrie hits every note delicately and powerfully. I love them and missed Jade so much here cause ik she would have killed it
Ghaby Macedo
Ghaby Macedo 3 hónapja
Omg Perrie! 2:56 😍😍😍
Kpop i stan
Kpop i stan 3 hónapja
Where is jade
Soo Ya Un
Soo Ya Un 3 hónapja
I really miss mommy Jesy
Dieon Waltman
Dieon Waltman 3 hónapja
Jesy My Favorite 🥺
Hanzla Walker
Hanzla Walker 3 hónapja
the fact that this was meant to be the only Sweet Melody performance with all 4 of them but Ms. Rona had other plans is so heartbreaking i can'tttt
Diana Danna
Diana Danna 5 napja
watchgirls18. com Literally in tears over Jesy leaving. I totally don't blame her, the poor babe didn't deserve the hate she got. I'm just sending virtual hugs to everyone rn 💕😭 Also, it's gonna be tough on the girls going as a trio. We really need to step up and show them extra support from here on out if we don't want them to break up for good. Keep streaming their music, posting about them and buying their songs! DON'T LET THEM FLOP AS A TRIO PLEASE! They're already underappreciated as it is
Willow 3 hónapja
Jesy was amazing and it is so unfair how much hate she got about her body. Like why should her body matter.
Jayshree Patawari
Jayshree Patawari 3 hónapja
Btw where is jade??
Hanzla Walker
Hanzla Walker 3 hónapja
she was in quarantine for 2 weeks
Jayshree Patawari
Jayshree Patawari 3 hónapja
Jesy is a multitalented person she can sing in any tone
Brenley Buchanan
Brenley Buchanan 3 hónapja
Why wasn’t Jade there
Brenley Buchanan
Brenley Buchanan 3 hónapja
@Hanzla Walker oh ok thx
Hanzla Walker
Hanzla Walker 3 hónapja
she was in quarantine for 2 weeks due to coming into contact with someone who had a positive COVID case
Sultan Ali
Sultan Ali 3 hónapja
where's jade:
Hanzla Walker
Hanzla Walker 3 hónapja
she was in quarantine for 2 weeks due to coming into contact with someone who had a positive COVID case
Selvi Erdoğan
Selvi Erdoğan 3 hónapja
Where s jade
Hanzla Walker
Hanzla Walker 3 hónapja
she was in quarantine for 2 weeks due to coming into contact with someone who had a positive COVID case
Vanui 3 hónapja
This performance is not right without Jade...
cece white
cece white 3 hónapja
They killed this.
Bon elangbam
Bon elangbam 3 hónapja
And the most sad reality of this song is that we will never get OT4 live performance of sweeet Melody 😥
Official Tai - C
Official Tai - C 3 hónapja
I’m o the only one who thinks the only time Jessy sings in this performance is during her verse
Marta Burzynska
Marta Burzynska 3 hónapja
Hey wait a minute where's jade?
Marta Burzynska
Marta Burzynska 3 hónapja
I'm so sad :(( jessy left I want to see them all together again.... Group of 4 :( is gone 😭
Marta Burzynska
Marta Burzynska 3 hónapja
Ya so sad she left little mix :(
Mat Ariana
Mat Ariana 4 hónapja
gosh perrie’s high note
kruxii 4 hónapja
Jesy is a real life power puff girl
Mr Lots-o'-Bricks & Mortar
I loved Jesy's last bit, so emotional 😢
Miranda 4 hónapja
damn you can’t even hear jesy until she does that last note lmao she had already checked out
Dodi Gigi
Dodi Gigi 4 hónapja
Where's jade
pati xx
pati xx 3 hónapja
she was self isolating back then
Wyatt Davidson
Wyatt Davidson 4 hónapja
She should not have never left I love her voice
Hana Nazdrajić
Hana Nazdrajić 4 hónapja
3:27 Jesy's voicee
P 4 hónapja
Miss Jesy🖤
SSRMusicVidz 4 hónapja
Jessy is literally me if I was a singer on stage, she's so energetic and powerful I love her!❤🙌🏾
Nylah Serenity
watchgirls18. com Just realized they’ve never performed this song together as a full group
Leiela Sanchez
Leiela Sanchez 4 hónapja
Jesy really was perfect for the middle
genilson azevedo
genilson azevedo 4 hónapja
Jesy Nelson a que mais canta e a que mais dança, amo, sem você o Litlle Mix tá sem graça ❤️🌵🙏🏻🌈🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mehak 4 hónapja
Can u guys saying i miss jesy and this and that, think how that will make the other girls feel. Once a memeber leaves it gets harder to keep fan base still with them look at 1d and 5h, dont keep saying it and make little mix disband and dont make this their last album but keep saying jesy this jesy that. They have a good relationship, it is sad but that doesnt change anything.
Ethel Parnell
Ethel Parnell 4 hónapja
Where is jade ?
SandraRecordings 4 hónapja
Ginger Spice has left the group, I will miss her. ❤️
Hip Hop Queen
Hip Hop Queen 4 hónapja
Where is jade
ondrej hrabalek
ondrej hrabalek 4 hónapja
What jade
Milena 4 hónapja
Where was Jade?
pati xx
pati xx 3 hónapja
she was self isolating back then
Ailee Steffany
Ailee Steffany 4 hónapja
Where's jade?
Oliver Reading
Oliver Reading 4 hónapja
To Jesy’s credit, you can’t tell these were her last performances with the girls. Comparatively, with the Spice Girls or 1D, Geri and Zayn had completely tapped out in their last performances
Chanel #6
Chanel #6 4 hónapja
she always gave it her all for the band no matter how much she was hurting on the inside :(
Sara Nocun
Sara Nocun 4 hónapja
personally I have never liked jesy's attitude, always seeking attention I adore the other girls ;))))
Eleni Galanis
Eleni Galanis 4 hónapja
Phúc Home - Nhà Bán
I miss Sugababes
:*Little mix Fanʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
KEENZxx 4 hónapja
Jesy baby 🥺😩😞
ASHEN 4 hónapja
why is jade not there cause i dont know what happened
Ellie Clark
Ellie Clark 4 hónapja
she was issolating
Carla Hooley
Carla Hooley 4 hónapja
jesy looks the best she ever has
Madikotsi Chabaku
Madikotsi Chabaku 4 hónapja
Jessica Nelson is a born perfomer !! WOW
Armixer With Love
Armixer With Love 4 hónapja
wish all our girls the best and all happiness
Armixer With Love
Armixer With Love 4 hónapja
our only sweet melody performance with Jesy and she SERVEDDD
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